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And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul

John Muir

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Autumn Vibes

Morning mist over the forest. There is something in the air these days (and no I’m not referring to Covid-19). The air is fresh. The sun is lower. The temperatures are dropping. The days are shorter. All signs that point to my favourite of all seasons….Autumn. The transition between the stifling heat of summer and…

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Living a slower life in the country…

I knew when we packed up and left the big city for the countryside things would be different… I just didn’t realize how drastically different they would be. Let’s start by stating the obvious shall we? Cleaner air, less noise, fewer distractions and more time spent in nature. Sooooo awesome right? What took me by…

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Finding your tribe…

It’s a nice feeling when you find like minded people and an inclusive environment isn’t it? In the past year of my creative journey I have been lucky enough to have found a few of these on Instagram. Strange that I should find it on social media of all places, considering that I am not…

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