And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul

John Muir

Hello and welcome to The Blind Thistle. I’m Pamela and I am a Photographer, nature enthusiast and retired Interior Designer. You have found the space where I keep my photography, design tips, random musings, life experiences and things I’ve learned (often the hard way) on this life journey. My hope is that you will find a little something here that will make you smile, think, see from a different perspective or even learn from.

Life in the slow lane

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5 simple ways to make your space feel & look bigger

1. Mirrors Mirrors of any size and shape (mirror ball anyone?) not only create reflections but bounce light as well. Both of those things will make a space, no matter the size, look much bigger. 2. Eliminate clutter – Pare back Do not feel the…

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Freaky fungi

Yeah, you’re probably thinking “yawn”, it’s not the most exciting of topics. But wait! Before you run off in search of anything at all that would be more exciting than mushrooms at least hear me out. What if I told you that fungi are responsible…

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A simple guide on the basics about lighting and how important lighting is to your family and the home.

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