Behind the curtain: Masterbath Make-over

Now that we have lived in our new house (in the country) for almost two years now, the dust has settled and we are ready to make some changes.

Staring at a huge blank wall as I enter the Master bath has always been a thorn in my side. Nothing to capture your attention. Its just there. A vast, empty featureless wall. I knew what had to be done to improve it, but unfortunately we did not have extra funds at the time.

I did try dressing it up with a series of pictures. Nope.

Added a large , funky graffiti Elvis canvas? Nope. But nice try.

So the wall just sat there. Day after day….this void. That is until the Holiday break 2018. The man and I rolled up our sleeves and spent a weekend painting, using power tools and pasting wallpaper. It was a job not everyone likes doing but it is something we do, and do well together so it was fun.

The trim all lined up and ready to cut.

I had been searching years for a nice wallpaper that really made a statement. While I found so many that could have worked, nothing screamed “Pam” until I came across a paper by Graham & Brown. I knew right away when I saw it that it was “the one”. I loved it so much so that I ordered it right there and then without consulting the man. Gasp! It was a big splurge but oh so worth it.

“Traditional turned upside down…”

So the theme for the Master Bath was “Traditional turned upside down” as it had traditional wainscotting but instead of painted the usual white, it was painted a flat grey. Next up, a “botanical” themed paper with subtle skull, roses and butterfly theme. A deep free-standing bathtub with a clear, plastic “Louis XVI” style chair next to it for towel storage. I chose plumbing fixtures that are based on Victorian fixtures.

Add in a few more Victorian accents.

A vintage bowl and pitcher that I picked up at a local antique shop.

Now add in some modern like a glass shower, cow hide rug, teak shower mat and a Magis Puppy.

A cow hide and Magis Puppy for modern touches.

The man and I are very happy with the results! Gone is the huge, blank white wall! This bathroom now has personality and character to spare lol

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