Burning wood

I never thought I would want to take a blowtorch to a piece of furniture (unless it was something really ugly and I was doing everyone a service for torching said eyesore) Nor did I think I would use a blowtorch to add a ‘finish’ to furniture for two reasons… Number 1- It’s dangerous and Number 2- When you get right down to the basics you are scorching wood and it’s dangerous. Did I say that already?

The Beard (previously known as The Man) and I had some Live Edge pine leftover from the making of our mantel and not being one to waste perfectly good wood I thought why not “destroy” it and create a side table out of it.

Live slab in it’s unfinished state.

After we did a few test attempts on some scrap pieces of wood we had hanging around I nervously hovered over The Beard’s shoulder as he set about scorching the good slab. It was a process of trial and error as we played around with the distance and intensity of the flame to the wood. This technique is not perfect and you have to be willing to accept “mistakes” and treat them as part of the finish.

Blowtorch in action

Once we decided that the grain and pattern was to our liking, the next step was to give it a light sanding followed by a wood oil treatment. The oil finish is not necessary as the burnt wood will always stay that way, it is just that we wanted a sheen to the finish.

Holes were drilled to fit the custom industrial pipe legs we had made and we were done!

Pipes from our local Home Depot store
Finished result.

This was a fun (afternoon) project and I think The Beard really enjoyed it. I mean who doesn’t want to spend the afternoon with me creating masterpieces? haha It really does looks good in his “dog house” aka office.

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