Mental (health) Monday’s

Those that know me well are keenly aware that Monday’s are MY day.

My day to:

  • be anti-social
  • decompress
  • nap
  • hibernate
  • shut my brain off
  • zone out
  • do nothing….
Do nothing

I don’t feel guilty for taking this day to focus on me and surprisingly my friends don’t seem to mind either.

Yes, I suffer from anxiety and depression. But that is not the main reason that I need to take a day to myself.

Allow me to me explain.

As you may or may not know, I have Ushers Syndrome which is a combined Hearing and Vision loss. For me to get through a day of activities such as Mountain Biking, Hiking, Snowboarding or even just socializing and being present takes effort on my part. I have to do everything at 200% effort. I listen very intently so as I do not miss something that is being said and I am constantly scanning my surroundings for things to avoid, not crash into, trip up over…you get the idea. This takes a LOT out of me.

Imagine yourself in a constant state of hyper-focus. How long could you hold that for?

An hour? Three hours?


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