Don’t hate me because I was an Interior Designer.

I LOVE Interior Design. It was (and yes it still is) a huge part of my life. At one time I would eat, sleep and breathe Interior Design.

Now let’s just get this sorted out right from the get-go…So many people confuse Interior Design with Interior Decoration. They are nowhere remotely the same thing. Surprised?

Here is the difference as explained by the ruling Interior Design body in Canada- ARIDO.

“Interior design is about more than just aesthetics. It’s about finding creative design solutions for interior environments while supporting the health, safety, and the well-being of occupants and enhancing their quality of life. Qualified through a rigorous process of education, experience, and examination, ARIDO members are skilled in assisting clients to realize their goals, creating built environments which are both functional and aesthetically attractive.”

If someone is using the Title of Interior Designer in Canada or the US and they are not a registered member of the ruling body, nor have they not passed the NCIDQ exam, legal action can be taken against them if they do not cease using the formal title. This law is in place to protect the profession from Decorators claiming they have the same formal education and experience that an Interior Designer has.

Hallway in my home

Interior decorators work with individuals and businesses to arrange and decorate stores, homes and offices using furniture, accessories, fixtures, color schemes and artwork. It’s important to keep in mind that while interior decorators and interior designers are closely related, there are fundamental differences between the two. Interior decorators don’t need any formal training or licensure, while the opposite is true for interior designers.”

Now this brings me to just why I am writing this post to start with. Recently I stumbled upon a blog about Slow Living. In this blog I discovered this person thought the Interior Design industry materialistic and solely based on consumerism.

“I will fully admit that I have struggled to find compassion for the interior design industry, since doing the shopping ban. I hate that we are constantly being marketed to and sold on the idea that our homes must look a certain way. Personally, I have had it all. I bought all brand new, matching furniture and decor when I was 23. But I later realized I had done that for all the wrong reasons, thinking it would somehow make it seem like I had achieved a certain level of success (or reached adulthood). I had not. All I had done was purchase brand new, matching furniture and decor.”

Excerpt from “A home is meant to be lived in, not looked at.” via

Now I can fully appreciate where her view is coming from. I will be the first to admit the “Design” Industry is riddled with vain, narcissistic and money grabbing idiots. All one has to do is tune into any ‘design” show to be bombarded with hosts who claim that you need to buy this product from this company so that your home can look like the one on TV (or in a magazine).

This is the problem! You ARE constantly being marketed to and sold on a look. It is not isolated to the Interior Design industry alone.

Fashion, Insurance, Food, Medication, Music videos, Sporting events….they are ALL telling you what to buy.

You (and I) can practice Slow Living and still incorporate Interior Design practices.

We don’t have to buy the latest trends in home decor. We can still be inspired by beautiful interiors.

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