Slow living and Mental Health are made for each other. Part 2 (A love story)

Previously on The Blind Thistle: I wrote about how I found Slow Living due to stress and turmoil in my life at the time.

(Did you just read that in a Soap opera announcers voice, because I did!)

After all the physical and psychological de-cluttering I was ready to start introducing what I deemed “simple things” into my routine. This included changes to my diet aka Vegetarianism. Clean eating. Yoga.

So. Much. Yoga.

Child’s pose is great for mental clarity.

I really do love yoga. It has taught me how to slow down, how to focus, gain mental clarity and how to ‘just be’. It helped tremendously with my anxiety. Over the years I have tried maybe 8 different kinds of yoga before settling on what worked for me (Yin Yoga, Hot Yoga). I am not going to try and sell you on how you to should do yoga but I will say this- it truly is for everyone and everyone will benefit from it.

One of the biggest changes that was made towards Slow living was the decision to leave the city for a slower paced life in the country. Now I am fully aware this is not something that everyone can do: drop everything and move to the countryside.

The Beard and I had been looking around at Real Estate for some time and it seemed that everything we viewed did not check the boxes of things we wanted. We were discouraged to see how close the homes were packed together (in the city and out in the Burbs). I absolutely despised the thought of being in my backyard and having 5 others neighbors looking right back at me.

We started to look further and further away from the Big City (Toronto) and when we found our house in the small Township of Oro-Medonte we fell in love with everything. This was Slow living and a reconnect to nature at it’s best.

The Beard is lucky to be able to work from home most days and the commute to the office is not bad at all. He has commented on more than one occasion as to how he can feel his heart rate and blood pressure slow down as soon as he takes the turnoff onto the country road leading to our home. Now that is amazing.

Less noise, less distraction

In essence what it all comes down with Simple Living is what you make it. It is what works for you.

Don’t feel you have to follow every “rule” or “guideline” that’s out there, it is about what makes your mind and body happy….and calm.

These images are courtesy of Pexels

2 responses to “Slow living and Mental Health are made for each other. Part 2 (A love story)”

  1. Wonderful post.. I love yoga as well and it makes such a huge difference in my day when I set aside some time to get on the mat in the morning.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Yes I truly believe Yoga can fix anything ❤️


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