What’s hidden in your closet?

I don’t know about you, but my closet was a spot to put everything I didn’t have a home for or it was a place to store things I was not sure if I still wanted/needed anymore.

My closet was a virtual “Island of misfit toys“.

My closet

Even though the closet was organized- everything folded neatly and hanging clothing sorted by colour and sleeve lengths. Yes I am THAT person! I just can’t help myself, I did spend close to 7 years as a Visual Merchandiser after all.

So yeah, even though it was neat I still got overwhelmed going in the mornings trying to decide what to wear and ultimately just grabbing the same things I always wear. That being a t-shirt and comfy, stretchy pants of some sort.

Why? WHY? Why was it so hard to pick out an outfit?

It wasn’t until I started purging, and I mean really purging my clothes that the answer came to me.

Some of these items either didn’t fit me and I was hoping that one day I would lose some weight and wear it again (hello disappointment). While other items were bought only because it was on sale and I thought that I should have it, even if the round neck didn’t suit me at all! (Will I never learn?)

Boots and shoes on display in my closet

That was the Ah-ha moment. Once I discovered there were emotional reasonings for having some clothes it was easier for me to let them go. Buh-bye brightly coloured sweater I got just because someone told me I should stop wearing just black.

I LIKE my black clothes thank you very much. And grey too. There are even some white pieces, but damn I cannot keep those clean for very long.

Purging my clothes took a long time to do and I fought a lot of emotions during the process. Sometimes it could be overwhelming and I would stop. Gradually, over the course of about 6 months I would pare back and reevaluate. The closet is much leaner now and finding an outfit for the day is so much simpler. Yet it is an ongoing process.

Eventually I will get a capsule wardrobe but…baby steps.

Like I’ve said in previous posts, a simple life, paring back and slow living are doing wonders for my mental health!

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts.

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