The consequences of setting intentions

Starting this blog is definitely something that scared me (and to be honest, it still does). I’ve never been one to share thoughts and feelings, let alone with complete strangers, yeah I’m talking about you, dear reader.

So WHY did I start now?

You could say that it was an experiment of sorts. A few years ago I decided that I would embrace a new way of trying things and being more “social” was one of them. Being social is certainly not something that comes that easily to me, as I am naturally a very introverted person.

Reflecting back, this decision seems to have come about the same time I embraced a simpler lifestyle.

Maybe it was the process of getting rid of the unnecessary things in my life that I now felt I had “emotional” room left over to allow for more people in my life? (Mmmm deep thougths!)

By setting this intention I (surprisingly) found myself as the face of my neighbourhood Facebook forum. Keeping the residents up to date on what was happening in the hood is my jam. It has been one heck of a ride too. People I’ve never met before approach me at gatherings, I am the go-to source for information regarding the community and I get private messages all the time regarding one thing or another. It is all very overwhelming but I’ve adapted to it and learned a lot about myself. There is still so much more to learn when dealing with a large group of people and I make mistakes all the time.

As of right now it seems I have fallen into the category of the “extroverted introvert”…who knew there was such a thing? And leave it to me to not fully commit to one style- I always did like to mash stuff together, taking the best of certain things and arranging them to suit me.

Do I regret setting this intention and making the change in my life? If you asked me that on my mental health days I would most likely reply with a “hell YES” and burrow underneath the blankets. But I don’t really mean it.

I am glad that I put myself outside my comfort zone because I’ve always found a deeper understanding of myself in uncomfortable places.

Being stuck in the same place mentally and physically, doing the same things over and over while just strolling through life terrifies me. Some people prefer to remain comfortable and that’s OK too.

Have you set any intentions or made any changes to your life recently? I would love to hear about it.

2 responses to “The consequences of setting intentions”

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