What’s in a Word?

Well Hello there. It’s been a bit, eh?

I haven’t been active much on my blog as of late but my intention for this New Year is to write and blog more. I had plans of doing just that before the holidays but I just kept putting it off and putting it off and before you know it nearly two months have passed by and we are into a New year!

Now I am not one to celebrate ushering in a New Year, never have been really. However one thing I have come to do over the past few years is to make certain that I start the New Year off in a way that sets the stage for the rest of the year. For example, I like to have a clean house, be well rested, happy and content. If I have those things come the first day of January then I am golden. I’d much rather set the tone for the year that way than being tired, hungover, with my head hanging over the toilet bowl.

Something new that I added to the mix this year is the act of choosing a word of the year. The idea behind this word is that it will act as your mantra or theme for the remainder of the year. It is not a resolution, It is something that you will embrace and use to help guide you. It is not a word chosen at random as it requires some reflection and thought.

The spot where I found my ‘word’.

What do I want to achieve this year? What word will inspire and bring about those achievements? What word will provide me with motivation?

The answer for me, is ‘Intention’.

Intention: an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.the end or object intended; purpose.


As mentioned earlier, I am setting an Intention to make more time to be creative and that includes writing more blog posts.

I also have Intentions to register for a few Cyclocross races in my area, something which is quite outside my comfort zone due to my vision limitations but I am excited for it. With this intention in mind I will be motivated to start training again and have something to work towards.

Most importantly, I intend to be more present. Be more mindful.

What about you? Have you chosen a word for 2020?

Until next time!

3 responses to “What’s in a Word?”

  1. I love the way you start your year. Sounds lovely. My word has been the same for 20+ years and it has served me well. I focus on it during meditation and anytime I’m feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Our words and intentions create our worlds. Wishing you much love & creativity in 2020 ❤️


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