How the COVID-19 pandemic made me turn green

No worries, I don’t mean I literally turned green as in Kermit, but it made me consider further changes in how I use, clean and make better decisions regarding Zero waste product options.

If you are new here, I have been writing and sharing my Slow living and Zero waste journey for a bit now and with these unprecedented times of COVID-19 I was “coaxed” into a few other changes which I wasn’t quite ready to try right now.

The Second Bathroom

Case in point #1- finding an alternative for Toilet paper. You know that white stuff on a roll that has become such a hot commodity right now that people are literally fighting in the aisles over it? Yeah, I don’t get it either but apparently it is a matter of life and death you guys! How much TP does one household ACTUALLY need? Well back to the issue at hand: There are actually quite a few alternatives to using Toilet paper but I’m gonna be honest some of them are just gross…“Family cloth” anyone? Ewwwww just ewww. Another option is Bamboo Toilet paper but my local shops do not have this option yet. Sigh. So I put my big girl pants on and bought myself a Bidet. It is an attachment bidet that works with nearly any toilet out there.

I found our (ok ok MY) bidet at a local home improvement store and I scored the second last one on the shelf. Whoohoo! Turns out I wasn’t as smart as I gave myself credit for with this brilliant idea, as the cashier informed me they were quickly selling them that week. Having never used one before, it was certainly a unique “experience”. To be honest I laughed my ass off when the water splashed up for the first time. I have since grown to love this alternative solution and I am thrilled to report that I haven’t used TP in weeks, so our current supply of TP is good. The OH however refuses to use the bidet but I think he too will have to submit as we haven’t been able to get our hands on TP in weeks.

Bar of soap instead of liquid bath soap.

Case in point #2: Using a bar of soap rather than foamy, liquid body soap. Hand and Body soap are another thing that is in limited supply these days as well, which begs the question: “What the heck have people been washing themselves with all this time?”. I have to admit that nothing pleased me more than the pleasure of having that lovely liquid gold foam up and create a kaleidoscope of bubbles and colours. The switch back to bar soap (hello 70’s/80’s) really wasn’t too bad. There are SO MANY delicious scents, shapes and ingredients available in bar soaps these days plus it lasts longer than body wash and is cheaper! I also love knowing exactly what is in my soap so I can avoid more potentially harmful chemicals and perfumes. Now, if I could just solve the issue of the soap slipping out of my hands, all would be great. That will be my next task I guess!

Stay safe, healthy and clean!

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