Free design advice?

The minute someone finds out that I am a retired Interior Designer I get asked a LOT for advice or guidance. These days I love to help and offer what I can, but it wasn’t always that way. When I worked in the industry I was hesitant to dole out free advice because it would never end with just the one question. Inevitably the conversation would lead down an awkward road… “hey can you come look at my { sic } room and tell me what to do?”. It always surprised me, this question. Sooooo, let me get this straight, you want me to drive to your home, take a peek at your space, then provide you with a step by step plan on how to make it better…for FREE?

Would you ask a dentist to check your teeth for cavities at no cost? Would you ask a lawyer for free advice on how to deal with a certain situation? How about asking a your local grocer for some free food? Crazy right? A Registered Interior Designers’ rate can vary from $150-$300 per hour depending on the experience level and qualifications.

But like I said, these days I like to share the knowledge. I’ve got all this information rattling around in my brain so I may as well share it. So that’s what I will do.

For 2021 one of my “intentions” is to offer more insight and knowledge on my blog regarding your Interior Design queries. I have been asking on my Social Media platforms – Instagram and Facebook, just what is it you want to know and you have spoken up. Disclaimer: I will not be offering full scale design layouts, let’s just keep it small. I’ve no idea where this new feature on the blog will go but let’s find out!

So grab a seat, get comfy and let’s dive into the fickle yet fascinating world of design divas, artistic tantrums, back-stabbing, insult hurling world that we call Interior Design.

NOTE: If you missed the chance to ask a question please feel free to leave a comment below or to send me an email directly.

One response to “Free design advice?”

  1. Hi Pamela! I was a neuro muscular massage therapist prior to becoming chronically ill. I totally understand the free advice trap. It’s been 10 years since I stopped doing massage and people still want me to “feel” what’s going on lol. I’m excited about your new feature though! My free question is this: I live in a very small home (1000 sq ft). Now that Corona has forced 3 people home full time each space needs multiple uses. My way to deal with that has been to scale back each room. I took out all the “fluff” so that each room could be easily multipurposed on the fly. Some days my husband works in the spare room, Kai works at kitchen table & I work in our bedroom. Some days we all shuffle depending on who needs privacy vs access to kitchen, etc. Is there a better way to manage this and still have our home feel homey but not cluttered? Thanks! Kim ps I’m a minimalist by nature. Soft layered texture is my favorite design feature.

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