A view from the loo…

The final result!

Not all washrooms have a window with a great view or amazing details and features that bring interest to the room. In fact most washrooms lack any kind of interest or beauty at all and I think that is just a darn shame. After all, you spend a good portion of your day in this room. Brushing your teeth, taking a shower, staring endlessly in the mirror at your new gray hairs or wrinkles and thinking “how did I get here”? No? Is that just me then?

When I used to design washrooms I have to admit very little thought was given to the space beyond the required pieces that were needed and tweaking the most efficient layout. Yes, the finishes make all the difference in livening up a space but it’s the little things that can you can add that really make your washroom stand out in your home.

A few months ago I did a little revamp on our guest bathroom. A chair rail was added, a barn-board frame put around the mirror and the vanity light fixtures were spruced up with a little mason jar DIY and finally wallpaper was added. It really wasn’t a huge undertaking- ummmmm maybe that isn’t the right word because my experience with this particular peel and stick wallpaper was a study in extreme patience and restraint (both qualities that I am in desperate need of).

Even though the ‘Birch tree’ wallpaper trend has come and possibly gone, I’ve always loved the look so I went ahead with it anyhow. Also, I am not one to follow trends, my motto “if you love it, then use it”.

The Beard and I were confident that we could do this. We are no strangers to wallpaper and it’s installation techniques and quirks. Not a piece goes wasted and patterns line up with the upmost precision. Vinyl, Fabric, pasted, non-pasted, anaglypta…we’ve done it all…that is until Peel and Stick came into the picture.

“It’s so easy” gushed one online review. “Goes up in minutes and can be re-positioned easily” said another.

LIES, all LIES!!!

I spent most of the first day watching in dismay and then cringing at the OH’s attempt to try and put it up. When he gave up after one row (stormed out of the room is more like it) I took over putting up that awful peel and stick. Sweet Baby Cheeses….what a gong show! You will be fine if you are just doing a small, straight, flat surface – but the second corners, doors and trim come into play…Yikes! I was hurling curses at my loved ones and pulling my hair out. And when I wasn’t doing that I was swooning from the heavy plastic fumes.

It was a case of ‘Make do and Mend’ because there wasn’t a straight wall in the place either. Many patches and fixes done to make it look okay. What usually only takes us a few hours together to do, took me 6 days! I simply only had the patience for one or two rows at a time. ⠀

DIY Mason jar sconces (idea found on Pinterest)
A Moose head sculpture repurposed as a towel holder.
A soap dish made from a fungi “shelf” found on a walk in the forest.
DIY Scandi-inspired candles I made from fence posts.

If you have had a good experience with Peel and Stick wallpaper I would love to hear about it!

2 responses to “A view from the loo…”

  1. Pamela, I just love your bathroom refresh! I, too, have a fondness for Birch Tree wallpaper. Will I ever be adventurous enough to put it up in any form? I would have to say, NO. In November we moved into a new home. We have a ‘bathroom issue’ of our very own in the main washroom. It does not have a window so there is NO natural lighting at all. The previous owners may have attempted to brighten it up by painting it a combination of Buttercup-Highlighter-Yellow😝! That colour has to go!!

    I am considering painting it Benjamin Moore’s White Dove or BM Gray Mist. Any thoughts on this design dilemma? Thank you Pamela 😊


    1. Oh wow- “highlighter yellow”, I can just picture it! bleh…Your colour choices from BM sound nice. If you aren’t a fan of all white space the gray mist would be lovely. A little trick is to paint the ceiling and trim the same colour and the room will look more spacious as it’s not being interrupted by white trim. If you find the space dark invest in more than one kind of lighting. Use lighting above the vanity as well as ceiling mounted. Good luck!


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