Picture Postcards: Winter Days

I live in a little community that is literally tucked away on the end of a county line and to me, it is absolute paradise.

While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I actually prefer the sense of isolation. Neighbours have often commented that we are “isolated in our little bubble” long before the words “bubble” and “isolation” were used in reference to COVID-19.

Surrounded by farms and woodland, driving along the highway you wouldn’t even know we were here if it wasn’t for the billboard sitting in a farmer’s field announcing that you’ve arrived – personally I hope that billboard blows away and never comes back but I digress.

There are no sidewalks here. No taxi service. The nearest convenience store is 3 km away. While we may sit apart from the rest of the world, we have all that we need within a short and scenic drive.

Tall trees replace city skylines. Vast fields of tall grasses replace concrete playgrounds.

There is no need for a gym membership here: Golf courses, ski hills, hiking trails, lakes, hunting, horseback riding and cycling are all in abundance around us.

I hope you enjoyed these winter images as much as I enjoyed shooting them.

If you are interested in the purchasing a digital copy of any of my images please drop me a line.

Stay warm and until next time!

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