Picture Postcards: Spring

Taking photos of my garden each year and later looking back on them shows me how far my once sandy ‘beach’ lot has transformed.

This year I have been bitten by the gardening bug. I literally spent the entire month of May, 8+ hours a day, with no days off working in the garden. It’s bloody hard work I tell ya. Countless hours of digging, pulling weeds, composting, planting, laying rocks and stones, cursing, blisters, callouses, sunburns, two back injuries (one gardening related the other a Mountain bike mishap) bug bites and watching with despair as the dogs run off with newly planted flowers and trees ( I kid you not).

Taking in the joys and signs of Spring.

The first harvest of the season- Asters, Daisies and Garlic Scapes
Signs of a good day spent in the garden
New stone beds and galvanized tubs beyond for flowers yet to bloom

At last the veggie beds are growing. My garden now includes many different types of flowers and even boasts a small meadow tucked away in a back corner. Ground cover is slowly covering those many bare spots (far too many) where the builders’ seed never took. There is still a lot of progress to be made but no one ever said that gardening was a quick thing…it requires an endless supply of patience and I am working on that too. I hope you enjoy this little collage of my garden.

Asters, Daisies and Garlic Scapes.
Tall grasses on my hill with a mowed path leading to a bench for sitting

Some of my usual garden attire- Yellow wellies and a straw hat make for a nice display
A sure sign of spring is a robins nest with it’s first egg

I hope spring is beautiful wherever you are!

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  1. It isa very good job.

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