A seasonal shift

The days are shorter, the air is cooler and for me it’s time for all things cozy. Like the change of the seasons I like to change things up inside the house to reflect what is happening outside. That means fur rugs, chunky blankets, lots of layers and warm, soft lighting.

There are several reasons that I do this…

1- At the same time I am rearranging and moving items I do a deep cleaning. “Two birds, one stone”.

2- I tend to get bored with my decor and changing things around makes the space feel refreshed and new again.

3- My accessories and furniture layout adapt with the seasons. Even my furniture is shifted around, I like putting chairs next to the fire and curl up with a good book. Think more layers in the fall/winter and pared back during spring/summer. Not everything we have has to be on display all of the time.

Making these simple changes doesn’t cost a thing either. “Shopping” your home is the easiest and most cost effective way to make those changes. Also, by not having everything on display all year round means you have “new” things to use when the seasonal changes happen. It’s a win-win.

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