Freaky fungi

Yeah, you’re probably thinking “yawn”, it’s not the most exciting of topics. But wait! Before you run off in search of anything at all that would be more exciting than mushrooms at least hear me out.

What if I told you that fungi are responsible for just about every living thing on this earth? Fungi have the power to heal, sustain and contribute to the regeneration of life on Earth that began 3.5 billion years ago. Crazy right?

When I first moved to the countryside and began exploring the forests around me I stumbled upon some mushrooms that I had never seen before and was immediately fascinated. Beyond the basic back yard variety and what I saw at the grocer I was oblivious that there are literally thousands upon thousands of fungi out there. So I grabbed my camera and started to document what I saw.

Little fairy tale like scenes exploded everywhere I looked. Nestled in among tree roots, bursting from tree trunks and settled in with moss. The more I discovered the more I wanted to know. It was then that a new hobby was born. The study of Mycology. Yep, I’m a nerd.

Imagine my utter joy when I discovered that there are countless Facebook groups dedicated to Mushroom identification and their uses! Whoohoo more nerds! I was not so thrilled to see quite a few heated debates and outright anger fueled rants on the topic, but still, I was learning a few things along the way. You are probably wondering what just HOW do people fight over mushrooms? Believe me, it’s Facebook, anything can and is said. Take it all with a grain of salt they say right?

Ok, back to mushrooms, some can heal, some can kill, some can spiritually transform you (magic shrooms anyone?) and best of all some can be eaten! Like, if we were lost in the woods, I could find us dinner. Nom Nom Nom I don’t think I’d want to eat some slimy green mushrooms though…

I hope you enjoyed this look into the amazing fungi that can be found literally right under your feet on the forest floor. If you are interested in seeing and learning more about fungi head over to Netflix right now and watch Fantastic Fungi

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