5 simple ways to make your space feel & look bigger

1. Mirrors

Mirrors of any size and shape (mirror ball anyone?) not only create reflections but bounce light as well. Both of those things will make a space, no matter the size, look much bigger.

2. Eliminate clutter – Pare back

Do not feel the need to decorate and adorn every single surface in your home with countless knick knacks. Less is more.

3. Move furniture away from the walls

Most average sized homes have some room to do this. By simply moving the furniture away from the walls by a 6-12″ you will be surprised at how a little breathing room can change the feel.

4. Remove bulky drapery

Heavy, bulky draperies have their place in decor but use them wisely! If you are aiming for an open, airy room lose the drapes and go with blinds instead. There are so many options in blinds these days that there is something for everyone. If you must have drapery then try to match the drapery colour closest to the wall colour as possible.

5. Utilize furniture that is has sleek lines or thin legs….

Gone are the days of puffy, overstuffed, bulky sofas and chairs. Opt for sleeker sofas and chairs that are “elevated” off the floor with slender legs. Avoid bulky, box style coffee and end tables as they take up a lot of visual space.

While these are not hard-fast rules if you are trying to achieve a clean, open and airy space implementing a few of the above guidelines will certainly help.

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