The art of saving a buck or two

The addition of various furs (faux and real) in your space can really up your coziness game during the colder months. Born of necessity in ancient times to keep a body and bed warm, these days it is more aesthetic than need.

You can’t deny the opulance that furs and animal skins add to a modern decor- they can be seen in high end decor magazines and online in all kinds of spaces. If you are in the “no fur” camp or are vegan there are so many faux options that look real! A trip to your local fabric shop and you will find many colours and textures to choose from for a lot less $.

Casey believes this one is just for her!

These furs can be used just about anywhere, from your bed to the sofa, laid on the floor or even used as upholstery. Recently I’ve seen sheepskin seating pads for dining room chairs and bar stools, but they can be very pricey, so to replicate the look I picked up a rug at my local Costco and decided to make my own.

My dog Casey loves to snuggle in them so I had to extricate her from this one.

Making the ‘pattern”.

The first thing I did was make an outline with a sharpie using the bar stool as a template. The dog is still adamant the rug is hers as you can see below! Shoo! Next, using a sharp pair of scissors I simply cut along the line, removed any bits and pieces of fur and viola – I got two chair pads for the price of one in the shops.

My little helper.

I am pleased with the final result, my cold bum thanks me in the morning and I have extra money in the bank account. Next time you see something in the shops that you like but it may be a little over budget try thinking of creative ways that you can do it yourself, especially when it’s something so simple as this.

Oh! I’d like to point out that the island legs you see here were made by myself and the OH too! The builder was charging a crazy amount of money to add these so I opted out and got these at our local building supply store, made a few modifications to make it fit, gave it a lick of paint and it was done.

The final result.

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