Interior Design trends of 2022: How to add them without breaking the bank.

We are almost through the first month of 2022 and countless articles, blogs and design mags are relentlessly telling us what the “Top trends of 2022” or “Trends to follow in 2022” are. It’s not a bad thing to know what is upcoming and trendy for the year : what’s bad is feeling any pressure to implement them in your space.

I think that for a lot of people they just want their home to look good and may be uncertain as to how to achieve it. Businesses, Marketers and Influencers are capitalizing on that uncertainty and use it to get you to follow the trends and to buy from them.

A good example of that would be the Farmhouse look that has virtually been shoved down our throats the past two years. Everywhere we went Farmhouse inspired metal prints, market signage, chippy paint furniture and overstuffed sofas where there (oh and almost everything was white!). Don’t get me wrong I love a Farmhouse look but the consumerism interpretation of that look was just…cutesy. There was no practicality, nor function or history. It was just mass produced products with no real authenticity or substance.

It’s ok to love a current design trend but before you decide to blow your hard-earned money on that trend in your decor let’s find a way to do it in a mindful and affordable way. That way when the trends change (even before the paint has even had a chance to dry) you won’t regret your decisions.

Luckily most of the Design trends for this year don’t involve having to rip out your entire kitchen or bath and start over *insert sarcasm here*. For the most part these trends are affordable and can be added in small touches here and there without breaking the bank.

So, let’s dive right into the Design Trends of 2022 and find ways to implement them without breaking the bank or potentially hating it months from now.

The 80’s. Source: Luno
  • Curvy furniture and round shapes

No need to go out and buy all new furniture when opting to add a few round/curved vases or a rug with a circular pattern (or even a round rug) will suffice. Even adding geometric art prints will achieve big impact.

  • Everything Green decor

Rather than committing to an expensive green velvet/boucle/chintz chair simply opt for a green velvet throw or even a sofa/chair cover. Less costly, less commitment! A green painted accent wall is relatively inexpensive and easy to paint over if becomes tiresome for you. Even a fun green patterned wallpaper will add instant pop (peel and stick is easy to remove). PLANTS! All the plants! (sorry got excited there as I love houseplants, also they are good for the air quality in your home) but yes plants are making a comeback. In all honesty they never left my house to start with.

  • Antique furniture

Ok ,this one can be very expensive. And frustrating to find. Not to mention most husbands I know think antique is another word for old junk (true story). Mixing and matching a vintage piece with a modern ones is, in my humble opinion, a fantastic way to up your decor game and it adds instant character. This one is more of a style than ‘trend’ (it’s been around for quite sometime now but it’s starting to spread to the masses) and I think everyone should jump on it as it is Eco-friendly, up-cycled and zero waste. It’s a win-win for you and the planet. Yay!

  • Bold and vibrant patterns

Maximalist Rejoice…this is your year! We have been seeing a resurgence of maximalisim lately and now it will go even further, the 80’s are coming back “like, oh my gawd”- chintz curtains, checkered rugs, patterned everything. For those of us who are neutral and minimalist don’t despair add a colour blocked pillow and call it a day if you are so inclined.

  • Metallic, Shiny and mirrored surfaces

Not gonna lie, metallic and mirrored surfaces make me cringe- so much cleaning and polishing involved! However these can add instant luxe and glamour not to mention reflect light and make a space look bigger. Again this look is easily achieved by simply adding accessories rather than replacing all your cabinet facing with High Gloss ones.

That’s a wrap! If you like to follow trends hopefully this helped to save you time and money. Please share this article with someone you think would enjoy it as well. Thanks!

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