From doorknobs to broomsticks

A Mudroom makeover…again.

Unfortunately, it couldn’t be helped and I had to give the mudroom another update so that I could actually see things. Seeing things is important you know. As much as I love dark colours and interiors my eyesight (for those of you who don’t know, I have Retinitis Pigmentosa) just can’t adjust properly in the low light any more. Rather than readily admit defeat (ME? admit defeat?…never!) and update the space right away, the past two years I’ve slowly been replacing lighting in the mudroom to see if that helped matters. It did not.

Under cabinet LED lights were installed but the countertops were still so dark the task lighting did nothing to help me see what was actually on the counter. Not good! So we introduced a new, brighter ceiling light and the under cabinet lighting was relocated to the top of the cabinets so that it bounced off the white ceiling and spread. This helped immensely and I lived with it for awhile but it was still not enough.

Finally I had no choice but to paint the walls a lighter grey. I’d like to add that this was the very first time EVER that I painted an entire room without constant supervision! Whaaaaat? You see, in the past I was a very messy painter and did such a sh*t job painting walls that I was banned for life from ever picking up a paint brush again. 15 years later I’ve finally learned a technique or two and have proved to be quite adept at painting furniture and faux finishing (messy = faux finish!) that the OH gave up ownership of the paint roller and I set off on a bold new journey.

The final result- a whole new look

I was extra, extra careful (aka paranoid) and took my darn time. What would take the OH one day to achieve took me two weekends to paint. When done it looked nice and fresh yet I felt the space was lacking a certain je ne c’est quoi. *Insert eyeroll from the OH here* He knew, however, it is better than to argue with me when it comes to decor. Honestly, will he never learn? heehee

Trust me when I say that I spent nearly a year searching far and wide for a wallpaper that would make the room pop, well before the painting the space was even a thought. In the beginning of my search I was drawn to trees. Trees, trees, trees. Even when I told myself “No more trees” I still found myself saving them in my inspiration folder. I already have tree paper in the Primary bedroom and second bath and I didn’t want to repeat it again. I am a nature lover but it was time for something different. Eventually I started looking at florals…I was shocked. I am NOT a floral kinda gal. I was drawn to William Morris style papers but couldn’t find just the right fit. Finding a Morris inspired with heavy Nordic influence and more subdued colours became my mission. That’s not to much to ask for right? …Eventually I gave up.

One day I aimlessly scrolling wallpaper sites yet again and looking at what I am sure was my 5340 th wallpaper and I saw this! THIS!!!! This was it. Grey background, daisies and lots of green. Even a splash of yellow! Turns out the old adage “good things come to those who wait” was true.

The Holy Grail of wallpapers for me.

So absolutely certain I was about this paper that I ordered it without getting a sample first. Frankly, if it didn’t work I was prepared to paint yet again so that it would work. THAT is how certain I was about this paper. When it arrived I was so very impressed with the quality. The pattern and colours were perfect and you could feel the layers of “paint” it was as if it was hand-painted (it wasn’t). It is from a Swedish wallpaper company: Boråstapeter I’m pretty certain that I will be using their paper again.

This paper was so out of the “norm” for me and I honestly couldn’t love it any more. Our design styles and tastes evolve and grow over time and that is something we shouldn’t be afraid of. Growth is a good thing!

I should add that I covered the previous dark counter top with a marble sticky paper for now until we can source and buy another worktop. What with Covid delays, slow manufacturing and stupidly, ridiculous pricing this will work.

All that is left to complete is switching up the cabinet hardware which I will take my time to find just the right look.

The Mudroom is the second busiest room in the house, next to the kitchen, and it serves as the back entry as well. Now it tells a story, follows the nature theme I have in the rest of the house and it is warm and welcoming. What more could one ask for?

One response to “From doorknobs to broomsticks”

  1. It’s absolutely beautiful and that paper is divine! Also, good job at adapting. We did a lot of similar – though way less elegant – changes to our home as Kai’s sight declined. He loved having fully adjustable lights all around. We also put in light wood plank floors to make it easier for him to see contrast and find things. I absolutely love your design style. Good work!


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