Go with the flow…

Easy ways to create a cohesive home.

A pop of yellow is an accent throughout my home. The floral motif on the bedding is also a common motif.

Brown, gray, black, white and pops of red or yellow. Those are the colours used in my home. They can be seen most of the time, in most of the rooms. Personally I prefer texture over pattern and natural elements over man-made ones. Using this “recipe” I’ve created a cohesive home in which one space/room flows into another seamlessly. There is a sense of calm and order and that is what works for me.

Maybe you prefer a kaleidoscope of colours and bold prints? Whether you are on one extreme of the design spectrum or the other, or anywhere else in between you can still create a space that tells a story and flows visually. The key is to stick to a colour story and plan your finishes so that they all coordinate. There really is no reason why your home has to be boring, bland or beige (unless you like beige!).

Teak is repeated in the bathroom, dining and living room. Again, we see a floral motif, this time in the wall panels.

Before any decorator or designer starts pulling together a “look” for a home there are a few key details that are asked. How would you define your style? What are your favourite colours? Which colours do you dislike? How do you want your home to feel?

Natural linens, sheepskins and tree stumps are a common repeated element in my home.

Personally, I like to narrow a colour scheme down to two colours along with a few neutrals. One prominent colour can be used as a common element used in throw cushions, bedding, blankets, curtains or even art. I also prefer to repeat an element in each room, such as natural textures from woven baskets or rugs or even tree stumps and branches.

A wallpaper that reflects nature with flowers and leaves serves as a transition from the garden into the mudroom. The natural woven baskets and a jute rug are also repeated throughout the home.

By simply narrowing down your choices of colour, texture or shapes and repeating at least a few of them in each room your home will appear cleaner, cohesive and each space will work and/or compliment each other. It does not matter if you prefer steel over wood or mirror over rattan. If you carefully choose your elements to be repeated here and there it will flow together. If your chosen colours work with each other (TIp: if you struggle with colour stories simply look to nature…she knows best. IE: colourful peacocks, flowers) then your space is guaranteed to flow.

I LOVE Birch trees so what better way to enjoy them than on the wall?

Natural materials such as rattan, this time as lampshades.

As always, if you have any questions or comments please reach out to me. If you know of a friend that would appreciate this article feel free to share. Social media “share” buttons can be found on each post.

Jute or sisal rugs carry the woven textured element into this space.

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