How do you Home?


Beyond the obvious, like shelter, safe haven, a space to eat and sleep, how do you home?

Is it a place that you just simply come home to after a day of work or is it your refuge from the world? Maybe its a place for family and friends to gather or a place to unwind and shake off the stresses of the day.

Tell me, if I were to take a tour of your home right now would I walk away knowing you a little better? Does your home truly reflect you?

A cheery yellow door to great guests and passerby’s.

Myself, I’ve always liked to add a dash of the unexpected or quirky in my personal spaces because those are things that I am drawn too. I enjoy things that make me smile and hopefully make visitors to my home smile a little too. Making my home a comfortable and relaxed spot for everyone is also important to me as that is how I am as a person- easy going and laid back.

The Yellow submarine.

I’ve often been told “your home is so you” – I take that as a great compliment as it means I have managed to express myself through the space.

Over the years as my vision changes and I need to find ways to adapt to my declining eyesight, I have found ways to make my life easier by using contrast where needed. Yellow is an important colour in the Blind community because it is bright and provides high contrast when used correctly. Because of this I have a yellow door and the whole neighbourhood now associate me with yellow. My love for the colour has grown from there. For the first time in my life I am using a bold, bright colour in my personal space! Who even am I? lol

A pop of yellow in an otherwise monochrome room.

It’s ok to be inspired by other spaces and to recreate a “look” but don’t forget to add your own personal touches as well. What is the point of decorating a space if it is just a copy of someone else? If you like dogs then display that cute dog towel collection. Have a collection of plates that are family heirlooms? Mount them on a feature wall in your kitchen or dining room. Don’t be afraid to express yourself. Don’t play it on the “safe” side because someone else may not like it…For if you can’t express yourself freely at home where else can you?

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