Fabulous Flowers…but everything else was sh*t

I hate to say it out loud but I think I’ve lost my vegetable garden mojo.

This zinnia was a favorite spot for this sleeping bee.

The last two (ok,ok, if I’m being honest three) years..my vegetable gardening hasn’t been doing so great. It seems everyone else has bountiful harvests, enough to fill entire pantries even! Meanwhile my two small butternut squashes are barely hanging on. The tomatoes are terrible. The potatoes yield was pathetic. The corn is struggling. My strawberry patch barely spit out a handful of berries and the dogs ate those.

Back when I first started my veggie growing adventure and I knew nothing, the crops flourished. I was giving away squash and sugar snap peas. Now, a few years later and much more knowledgeable I should add, my crops are struggling. Isn’t that just an oxymoron…

BUT this year was my first time growing flowers from seed and boy oh boy are they ever FLOURISHING.

Iceland Poppy
Purple Starburst
Giant Dahlia

The joy the flowers have brought me is second to none. I would take my morning coffee out in the garden and walk among the flowers in all their brightly colored glory. It was such a calm and peaceful way to start the morning. I understand now why flower gardeners absolutely love what they do and why they look so darn happy all the time.

My plan for next year is to go bigger…more flower beds, more species of flowers. As for the veggies, I am not giving up but perhaps next year I will “neglect” them and see what happens.

Now if you will excuse me I am off to the garden to gawk at the flowers before dinner.

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