Unexplained absence and DIY’s…

I know, I know..It’s been awhile.

I literally fell off the internet last year (2022).

Lots of life events and random shit that made things a bit..hard. But you are not here to read about that. THAT can wait for another time, another post.


Let’s talk decor! Let’s talk DIY! Let’s talk about taking on a project that turned out to be a little “more” than you expected.

Remember this Hallway?

I love this hallway. I walk this route probably 47 times a day. It gets seen a LOT. And one day I didn’t love it as much. It bored me.

I had an idea of the look I wanted to achieve: think traditional French meets Scandinavian meets Nature, (Wait! is that even a thing? Who cares, I just made it a thing) and to complicate matters even more I wanted a Toile. So I started searching for wallpaper and found hundreds upon hundreds, which I narrowed down to ten, then two and then the price point made the final decision for me.

And this is what happened ↓ ↓ ↓

The paper is by Crown Surface Solutions ,Formally Crown Wallcoverings. It is available in most Home Improvement stores (online only) and also available on Wallpaper Direct which is where I went to buy more – and you can specify a batch number – when I ran out of paper. Phew!

Even the sliding door got a makeover. As much as I loved my distressed, painted door it just didn’t match the final look. Rather than paper over it we just turned the door around in case I want to revisit that look again one day.

In addition to the wallpaper, the bottom portion of the wall was freshly painted and new trim installed to make the appearance of a taller baseboard which mirrored exactly what we did in our Great room makeover. Which I now have just realized I have yet to post about! Stay tuned.

Ok, back to that Hallway- I didn’t buy enough wallpaper! That was the first time ever that I miscalculated, but what did I expect with a fairly large pattern repeat, 5 doors, 6 archways, a return air vent, a door bell, thermostat, wonky inside corners and outside corners and distorted walls? I waited patitently for my new order to arrive, which frankly did not bother me because my eyes were going crossed from staring up close at this stuff for two weeks already. The process took much longer than I anticipated because my eyes haven’t been great lately so they needed constant rest as well as my neck, which was constantly being stretched and tilted upwards because…no peripheral vision. ugh.

There is a saying in the blind community

“What takes a sighted person one minute to do, takes a blind person five.”

The Blind Community

Yep, they nailed that expression. But it is done now, I took my time, I was very particular and despite the setbacks I did enjoy it and really love the outcome.

Just don’t ask me to do a complex and tedious job like this again!

Until next time, and hopefully sooner rather than later.


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