Attention to detail.

Pamela has 20 years experience in the Design field. Her studies have included Art history, Interior Decoration, Graphic Design and Interior Design. Upon completion of the Interior Design program at Algonquin College (Canada) she continued her studies to become an Internationally accredited Interior Designer (CDIQ). She has worked on small retail, large scale condominium developments, showrooms and hotels from the spanning the conceptual phase to complete working drawing packages as well as project management.

While Pamela has low-vision, she is still able to complete small, residential projects. Using accessible features on her computer she can provide a complete package for your space.


The e-consult is 1 hour in duration and involves connecting with Pamela online. You will be sent a questionnaire beforehand to better understand your decor likes and needs. This is the perfect solution if you are struggling to get started with the design process in your space. This will be your opportunity to ask your questions and discuss design dilemmas. You will gain insight to demystify the design process by talking to someone who has seen and done it all before,

Rate: $100.00 cad

E-Consult + Design Package

After the E-consult you can expect to receive a Design package for one room. The package includes a floor plan layout, inspirational images (mood boards) to better define your style, colour theme, photo markups with options on how to update and make your space work better.

Rate: $250.00 cad

E-Consult + Design Package + Sourcing

In addition the e-consult and design package, you will be provided with suggested furniture, decor items and lighting options as well as stores and brands to choose from.

Rate: $500.00 cad


We came to seek out Pam’s expertise when we acquired our new home. We've been living in a rustic 600sq ft cabin and were catapulting ourselves into a nearly 3,000 sq ft home with little to no idea on how to design let alone furnish the place. 

We sent her the layout and she went to work on.. Not on the house first but us. Questions about our own taste, detailed yet simple that allowed both myself and my husband to answer our likes and dislikes. We took the time, filing it out separately. Once we turned our answers in along with details of the house layout she started her magic. 

She did not waste any time. We had a beautiful package within a matter of days. Her suggestions on design, colors, paint, and architecture of the house blew us away. Things I know, we would have not thought of. Down to the paint number and brand we could purchase. She even sent us links on facebook market place of pieces that would go well with certain rooms! 

Upon closing, we slowly started putting things to life. Even after she provided us with such an exquisite design package, I was still able to message her and ask about certain pieces and she would get back to me promptly with ideas. You can feel the excitement with her about your project when you work together. We are currently just over a month in our new home, still pulling this package to life, and I feel 110% confident that Pam was and is the right person to help us along this journey.

Stop looking, and hire her. Plain and simple. She has an incredible eye for detail, beautiful ideas, efficiency and is truly excited to work with you. A pure joy to work with! 

Krista E.
"I freakin’ love your ideas and how you approach this, and you’re clearly a total pro at this, and I’m so glad we asked for your help..."

Matt C.

Let’s create a beautiful space together.