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Zero waste Pantry staples

I started my Zero waste journey a few years back now and while my habits are far from perfect, I have made several positive changes to my daily habits which has a low impact on…

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I did the research for you!

The internet is a wealth of resources but it can be overwhelming if you don’t have the time or know exactly where to look. There is also the matter of “greenwashing” to consider. I have…

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What a waste!

It’s no secret that the Zero waste and Sustainable Living movement is starting to gain traction. There are countless articles and websites dedicated entirely to the subject. In a nutshell Zero waste is about producing…

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It ain’t easy being GREEN 🌱

In a follow up to my earlier blog post about my word of the year “Intention” this post discusses one of those very Intentions- my effort to be (more) Green. Eco-friendly, Environmentally friendly, Organic, Sustainable,…

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